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Timelapse photographers often need special equipment that is not available commercially. Not only by my own need, but also by suggestions of Timelapse colleagues, I have taken on these problems and develop especially for the Timelapse photography equipment that is tailored to the special requirements.

Frame MoCo

198,00 €

3 axes motion controller
The intention behind the development of the Frame MoCo was to offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive motion controller systems.
The Frame MoCo can control up to 3 stepper motors individually and is therefore perfectly prepared for applications such as motion timelapse, panorama shots, gigapixel, 360° and other applications.
The heart of the Frame MoCo is a powerful ESP32 controller with integrated Bluetooth and WLAN. The stepper motors are controlled with a Silent Step Stick, which ensures silent operation, maximum efficiency and best motor torque.
The Frame MoCo is controlled via the Frame App (Android) which connects to the Frame MoCo via Bluetooth. This enables the entire operation of the MoCo via an Android smartphone or tablet.
You can download and install the Frame app below.


Frame PTH

188,00 €

The Frame PTH is the ideal complement to the 3-axis motor controller Frame MoCo for controlling the horizontal and vertical movement of a camera.

The Frame PTH is a motorized rotating head for cameras, which can be used for panoramic shots (Pan) in horizontal orientation, or for tilting the camera in vertical orientation (Tilt). A combination of 2 Frame PTH allows a 2 axis movement of the camera, e.g. for gigapixel or 360° panorama shots.

In combination with a slider, 2 or 3 axis motion timelapse recordings are possible.

The integrated Arca-Swiss compatible clamp allows a camera to be mounted quickly and securely with a corresponding sill swap plate.


  • Powerful stepper motor
  • Worm gear with a ratio of 40:1
  • Integrated Arca Swiss Profile
  • Arca Swiss clamp for quick mounting of the camera
  • Light weight (600g)
  • Compact dimensions (110x75x85mm) L/W/H
  • 2 Integrierte Wasserwagen zur genauen Ausrichtung

More details can be found in the manual.


Frame Slider Kit


90,00 €

Slider 60 cm

on request

Slider 100 cm

on request

The Frame Slider is the ideal complement to the Frame MoCo and Frame PTH.

The Frame Slider is offered as a kit for the expansion and motorization of carbon sliders from Neewer and Walimex Sliders. No mechanical processing such as drilling or thread cutting is required for the assembly of the kit.

With just 1.5 kg incl. motor (60cm version), the slider is no heavyweight and is therefore also predestined for mobile use.

Detailed information about the kit and the assembly can be found in the instructions.

If you are interested in a complete slider, contact us via the contact form.


Frame DL-Slider

DL-Slider 33 cm

335,00 €

DL-Slider 44 cm

370,00 €

As with the other Frame products, it was also the intention of the Frame DL-Slider to offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive sliders of this type.

The Frame (Dual-length) DL-Slider is the ideal complement to the Frame MoCo and Frame PTH.

Due to its small size and small packing dimensions, the Frame DL-Slider is predestined for outdoor use and for taking along on trips.

Mounted on a tripod, the Frame DL-Slider shows its full length and allows twice the travel distance than standing on the ground.

All details about the Frame DL-Slider can be found in the manual.

Translated with (free version)



36,50 € Special Price

The power supply of cameras is of great importance for all longer recordings. Both when working in the studio, for longer video recordings, but also especially when recording time-lapses in outdoor areas, the runtime of a normal camera battery is not sufficient and you want a permanent mobile power supply. The QCCP-adapter uses special features of Quick Charge (QC3.0) capable USB power banks and provides the required voltage for cameras with a battery dummy. To maintain this voltage without interruption, the QCCP can be configured for a wide range of power bank requirements. In addition, the QCCP can also provide a voltage of 12V  for slider use. More details and a powerbank compatibility list can be found in the user manual.


QCCP-Stick, QCP-Stick 12V

32,80 € Special Price

Just slightly larger than a USB plug, the QCCP stick can permanently supply a camera with power in the same way as the QCCP. In addition, the QCCP stick is also adjustable for special battery dummies which require a voltage of 9V.

The QCP Stick 12V is a variant that provides 12V for the operation of sliders or other devices that require 12V from a QC3.0 powerbank.

More details and a powerbank compatibility list can be found in the user manual.


Powerbank HotSwap Adapter

21,00 € Special Price

The long-term power supply of cameras with the QCCP stick and a powerbank is sufficient for many hours of time-lapse or astrophotography. For extremely long recordings, however, it can happen that the capacity of the powerbank used is not sufficient. Changing the powerbank would inevitably result in the recording being aborted.

The PB-HotSwap Adapter allows the powerbank to be changed without interrupting the power supply to the camera.

In addition to changing the powerbank without interruption, the PB HotSwap also allows you to expand the powerbank capacity. This is especially intended for long-term shooting where access to the camera is not possible for a longer period of time.

More details can be found in the operating instructions.


Powerbank HotSwap QC

78,50 €

The PB_HotSwap QC uses the Quick Charge (QC3.0) and Power Delivery (PD) function of powerbanks to provide the voltage required for the camera. The 2-slot integrated QC / PD function allows the adapter to be connected directly to one or simultaneously to 2 powerbanks.

This allows an uninterrupted change of the powerbank or a capacity expansion.


  • Long time power supply for time lapse, astrophotography, long time exposures

  • PB Connection to USB-A or USB-C

  • Easy mounting on the tripod

  • Connection to dummy battery with DC connector 5.5×2.1mm

Mehr Details dazu  finden sie im Manual.



15,30 € Special Price

It is often necessary to attach other devices to the tripod in addition to the camera, such as a mobile power supply or an intervalometer for timelapse recordings.

The TLPBF TriPodMount makes it easy to flexibly attach devices to the center column or tripod leg.

The TriPodMount tube mount is attached to the center column of the tripod and automatically adjusts to different diameters. To attach the device, a mounting clip is attached to the device by means of an adhesive pad. This ensures a quick change between the device and the tripod. The mounted device can then be adjusted to an angle of > 90°.



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