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News and information about our components and all around timelapse photography.

Power bank finder

How much capacity should a powerbank have for which use? I have often been asked this question. I can’t really answer it, because it depends on many factors. You could
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Battery dummy compatibility list

There are many battery dummies on the market, but not all of them work really well. With cheap China imports, the voltage from the plug is often connected directly to
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Power bank test

To test how the different powerbanks behave when used for a timelapse sequence I tested some powerbanks under real conditions. For this purpose I modified a QCCP to control it
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Power bank compatibility list with QCCP/QCP stick adapter

Compared to the QCCP adapter, the QCCP sticks do not have to be configured for a power bank because they are preset and work with most power banks without any
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Power bank compatibility list with QCCP adapter

Which power bank is the right one for my application? You should probably think about this for the future. If the first application is “only” the long-term supply of a
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